The Saint-Michel Environmental Complex has been going through, for decades, a metamorphosis in order to turn into a major metropolitan park based on an innovative vision that unites nature, culture, sports and science. The site is progressively becoming a park reflecting its career’s past to become landfill and turn into a recreational touristic environmental and a cultural complex. Papineau sector is conceived as a court, as an interface between the city and the entire CESM site. Although separated from the center by the cliff, this site offers breathtaking views over the entire excavated area. It was therefore necessary to establish links between a major and very busy thoroughfare and a “natural” lookout spanning 700 meters and to make a place for a safe and enjoyable transition between the redesigned Papineau Avenue and the entire CESM.

Since its inauguration in 2017, the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex (CESM) has been named Frédéric-Back Park.

Client: Ville de Montréal

Conception: Groupe BC2

Value: $ 6.5 million

Completion: 2015-2016, Aménagement Côté Jardin Inc.

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